Securing reliability
since 1953

About us
Securing reliability since 1953

Since 1953, Mekufa has grown into a leading manufacturer of epoxy resin insulators and parts for the high-voltage transmission industry. Products are custom-made or delivered from stock to customers over the whole world. With in-house production and testing facilities, logistics centre, warehouse and years of knowhow, Mekufa is able to deliver reliability and continuity through full-service solutions.
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How we work

In developing our products, we do not strive to make the technically most sophisticated product, but one of the highest quality. 
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Facts & Figures

Our facilities in The Netherlands include one of the largest vacuum casting plants in Europe as well as a well-organized logistics department equipped for shipping all-over the world according to customer wish. 
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Most of our people have been with us for over 10 years. With years of practical experience and extensive technological knowledge, they are committed to delivering quality in every stage of the production process.