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At Mekufa, products can undergo temperature cycle testing (products up to 2 meters), pressure tests with water up to 50 bars, bursting tests with water up to 200 bars and leakage tests with helium under vacuum.

Part of our facilities include two unique and highly-advanced testing machines. The X-ray machine allows for X-Ray inspection of products up to 300 kg and 1600 mm. The Pressure/Leakage apparatus allows for a combined leakage test and pressure test all in one set-up. It allows for products to be tested with high-pressure gas (8 bar) to detect minute gas leakages and pressure-tested with gas.

Apart from testing our own products, at Mekufa we can inspect ANY PRODUCT up to  300 kg and 1600 mm in height. Contact us for more information about X-RAY inspections for your product. 

X-Ray test

Mekufa facilities include a unique X-Ray machine that can handle insulators (or any other product) up to 300 kg and 1600 mm high. Inspection reports and documents are available for download from the online Mekufa customer portal upon completion of the X-ray test.

Contact us for an X-Ray inspection for your specific product.

Pressure and leakage test

At Mekufa each product undergoes a pressure test up to 50 bar and a gas leakage test that is able to detect minute leakages. We are the first manufacturer in the market that is able to perform these tests in one set-up, which makes the testing-process extremely efficient. Optionally, products undergo burst tests with water.